Statement of intent: Chapter 1 of my novel is based around the theme of control. I intend to use control to show the lack of it Josh has over decisions regarding his future, and the power and control that Josh’s father has over him and his mother. Tonight we dance. It is energetic and frantic […]

In the dystopian film, V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue, the protagonist, V, uses terrorist tactics in a vendetta against the controlling leaders of England. McTeigue uses cinematography techniques to put across his purpose of ’emphasizing to the viewer the ‘power of an idea’. In this case, the idea that is put across is […]

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ review Statement of intent: “We are containers, it is only the insides of our bodies that is important.” The novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a challenging but worthwhile read that brings to the readers attention some of the harsh realities for women in both past and present societies, enhancing it with a story […]

The main impact/theme/idea this book has left me with is the presence and manipulation of power. This is shown in many ways like how the Aunt’s had cattle prods and used violence against the handmaidens when they acted beyond the rules. Offred’s commander also manipulates his position of power over Offred by making her break […]

Hello and welcome to your personal online journal. This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at Mount Aspiring College. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here […]